Situationsbeweisblätter [1987-1989]

“Situationsbeweisblätter” or “exposure sheets” are colour photocopies which were not fused in the heater of the copier. This means the pigments Magenta, Yellow and Cyan are laying loose on top of each other on the paper’s surface. To remove the copy before the process of copying is finished means hurting the image. For example: scratches appear on the image showing the underlying toner colour(s). The image of each “exposure-sheet” is extremely fragile. An exposure-sheet documents a period of its production situation. If the exposure-sheet is now fixed (in an oven at 350F for 6 seconds), the 3 colour toners melt from the heat and turn black.

“Exposure-sheets” were produced to capture unforeseen marks of situations — mechanical and human traces: individual and collective creations such as graffiti, footprints, handprints etc. During exhibitions “exposure-sheets” were placed on the floor, walls, windows, handrails and outdoors on the ground, in trees and on walls.

     (video 11MB)
500 copigraphy postcards, unfused toner, envelope
Performance material from 'City Souvenir', documenta 8, Kassel

    (video 22MB)
36x22.5cm, 50 pages copigraphy
Edition of 5

   (video 51MB)
​​598H. 1984
23x27cm, 158 pages colour copigraphy
(a few copies in b&w) hard cover
Edition of 10

    (video 41MB)
​​VISITOR’S BOOK: Goethe House New York. 1988
22.5x18 cm. 92 p. Colour and b&w copigraphy
Edition of 4

    (video 13MB)
​​TOUCH. 1987
12 photos of unfused copigraphies 18.3x12.6cm
Unfinished edition, only 2 proofs printed