Peripheral kinetics (motion perception) [2010-2011]

Cell clusters were generated from cell shapes derived from microscopic images of biological, disembodied cells. They were cultured in a petri dish. Groups of cells were selected and assembled to form works.

If you animate any generation of Cellular Automata, its algorithmic rule becomes 'alive'. You see a moving image on the screen due to the constant updating of cell cluster, which change colour and form. I was wondering what I could do to add 'life' to a two-dimensional still image created by Cellular Automatas. Some movement would certainly be of great help. This, however, could just work by means of illusion.

"Peripheral Kinetics" (English/Deutsch) PDF text

"Cultivated Algorithms" PDF catalogue ENGLISH, including a dialogue between Georg Mühleck and art historian Bernhard Stumpfhaus; 23MB

"Cultivated Algorithms" PDF-Katalog DEUTSCH, mit einem Dialog zwischen Georg Mühleck und dem Kunsthistoriker Bernhard Stumpfhaus; 23MB