ready made reflectors [1989-1992]

is a body of work using industrially manufactured replicas. In 1989, I began to collect small silverish objects which reflect subjects of the human soul: desires and concerns, substitutes for lost identities appearing in plastic and metal; a genre of visuals often characterized by the use of satire, but also of symbolic values in form of ex-votos).

The object is read by the laser beam of the a digital thermal copier. By varying the angle of the object to the laser, I could control its reflection and thus its colour, which is created entirely through the scanning process; the silverish material reflects the source of light of the copier like a mirror.

Whether we use photocopies, film, video or digital methods, the objective is always to secure something, fearing that the original might be lost or destroyed. In art, because the authentic object or idea has already been lost, only the latest copy has a chance of 'survival' (Georg Mühleck, Montréal 1989)