Cellular Cultures (T) [2002-2012]

“CELLULAR CULTURES (T)” lives in the space between digital and organic, between microcosm and macrocosm, between randomness and control. What at first glance appear to be spontaneous, abstract shapes are in fact an amalgam of incredibly detailed, deliberate marks. Try as you may, you’re never really quite sure what it is you’re looking at. Is it a topographic map? Pond scum under the microscope? Molten iron ore? Is is a photograph or a drawing, 2D or 3D? The elegance and detail of Mühleck’s work are captivating, and you find yourself getting lost in the unpredictable undulations of his lines. The artist used green tea leaves as his starting point, scanned them, and then created an algorithm to propagate more shapes and lines, allowing the artwork to develop a life of its own. But the tea leaf is also a symbol for the stimulated mind, the firing of neurons, and the path of a single thought through the human brain. Using digital software parameters to uncover the parameters of our thoughts, Mühleck makes the invisible visible. (Bettina Forget)

From sTEAmulus to Simulus (Virtual Worlds) PDF 2MB