Sandwiches and Shower-Curtains [1981-1982]

After experimenting with superimposed layers of colour on canvas, Mühleck went on to superimpose layers of the various materials themselves — both coloured and uncoloured: tissue paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, polyester wadding, … Hence the first part of the title. When transparency is accompanied by mobility, shifting movement, and floating in the air of lightweight plastic sheets, it brings us to the second part of the title. The order of colours is determined according to numerical combinations which programme their regular irregularity. Thus, “Five Vertical Sandwiches” constitute, in a group of five columns, 1687 square components. Sometimes the application of colour is executed by photo-copying process. (Translation of a review by Monique Brunet-Weinmann, Vie des Arts, Montréal, summer 1982)